Monday, January 11, 2010

Walnuts and pumice clean kitchen pots, flower pots and...feet!

In the world of natural products there are some surprising ingredient overlaps. The Goodbye Detergent! line of cleaning scrubs and pads has products that use walnut shells and pumice as gentle abrasives: the Kitchen Cleaning Pads for Enamel and for Anodized Aluminum, and the Outdoor Scouring Pad Soft. A favorite product of ours from the world of skin care also uses walnut shells and pumice: the Buffing Bar from Collective Wellbeing. It blends pure volcanic pumice and ground walnut shells in a gentle vegetable oil base, for a serious soap for smoothing thickened, rough skin on the feet. Goodbye Detergent's Kitchen Cleaning Pad for anodized aluminum has ground up walnut shells on the surface of the spongy pad that allow you to use less, or no detergent when washing pots and pans. The Kitchen Cleaning Pad for Enamel has a layer of pumice for cleaning needs that require a little more grit than walnut shells provide. The Outdoor Scouring Pad Soft is great for cleaning patio furniture and the outsides of flower pots. It gets stuff clean without detergents, and without leaving scratch marks like metal scouring pads. So, whether you're cleaning your body or your environment, pumice and walnut shells can get the job done; no chemicals needed.

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